• Early (Red) October in My Garden

    by  • October 4, 2012 • Gardening

    I took a stroll through the garden this morning, and while most of it is still green, every once in a while, a glimpse of crimson would catch my attention, like jewels scattered throughout the landscape. This is just the beginning; within the next couple of weeks, the birch and black locust will don their autumn gold, and the neighbor’s sugar maple will grace my front yard with bright orange confetti. Until then, I’m enjoying the transition between summer and fall:

    Red mums. I know some garden bloggers abhor mums because they’re so “common.” Whatever. I love them. They say “fall” to me, and my garden and front porch aren’t complete without a few of them in shades of red or orange. This one is in a ratty old galvanized mop bucket next to the bench in our back yard.

    This will likely be one of the year’s last ripe tomatoes. I’ve already ripped out several of my tomatoes because they were succumbing to septoria and were looking more than a little sad. But what a perfect shade of red this is!

    I grow at least a few marigolds in my garden every year, and this year I grew ‘Cottage Red’ in my large raised bed. I will definitely be growing these again.

    The cranberry viburnum near the garage is one of my favorite shrubs, hands down. It is easy to grow, it gets beautiful flowers in late spring (which pollinators absolutely love), then red berries. Then, as if all of that wasn’t enough, you are treated to this every fall. Wow.

    I hope you enjoyed this little stroll through my garden. Fall is my favorite season, and the transformation of my garden is one of the highlights.





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