• DIY: Seed Drying Racks

    by  • December 29, 2012 • Miscellaneous

    Hobby Farms magazine’s seed rack article has me dreaming of seed saving.

    One of the projects I want to tackle is making a real, honest-to-goodness, seed drying rack. My current method mostly consists of laying seeds out on labelled paper plates (plain paper, not coated) or coffee filters on my kitchen counter until they’re dry. While this works well enough, space is definitely becoming an issue.

    I want something that is fairly easy to construct, easy to move around, and saves space as well. If you subscribe to Hobby Farms magazine, you’ve probably already seen the seed drying rack in their current issue. I love it, and it’s possible that I’ll end up doing something along those lines. There are a few other simple options I found online for those of us who are less than adept with a saw and hammer. I’ll probably make one of these easy versions first:

    Over at The Growing Home, they made wooden frames, attached screen, and then stacked them on cans or other objects to allow for air flow. This is much simpler than building an entire rack, and you can just put the frames away when not in use.

    Perhaps even simpler, Our Veggie Garden came up with the idea of using embroidery hoops and tulle. Simply stretch the tulle in theĀ  hoop, and you have an instant seed drying tray. You can even stack a few and set them on your kitchen counter. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to leave a bit of space between the hoops if you do that, but it would definitely be more efficient than my paper plate method.

    August just won’t be the same without dozens of paper plates lining every flat surface in my kitchen, but somehow, I’ll try to live with it. ;-) How do you dry your seeds?

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